For whom?

Artemis' Umbrella has been designed to support you who need to travel in unsafe environments. It is recommended to activate the application when you, for example, go hitchhiking on your own, have a blind date or meet a client.

The price?

Artemis' Umbrella is free for it's users. The application is funded by organisations and private donations.

How does it work?


Settle with your friend beforehand how you wish them to act in a trouble situation.


Before going out, type your username and friend’s phone number. Choose the time that the application will wait for you to turn it off.


If everything goes well, turn the application off when you are safe. If the application isn't turned off before the time limit, it will alert your friend.


If you need help immediately, you can activate the alarm by pressing the Alert-button.


After getting the alert, your friend will act as agreed upon. With a navigation feature on the application, they can trace your approximate location.

Application also always updates your approximate location as long as it's turned on. So when moving to an another place you can transmit your location to your friend by quickly opening the application on your mobile screen.

Please take into account, that regardless of application's name, Artemis' Umbrella is human made and has the same shortages as all technology. We do our best but we are only human.